FAQ for Visitors

Frequently Question and Answer For Visitors

If you have questions regarding visiting, the following set of Q&A may help you find the answers to your questions.

What are the exhibition timings?

Exhibition will run from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM on day 1 & 2. On day 3, exhibition will close at 4:00 PM.

Where do I go when I arrive at exhibition?

If you per-registered for the exhibition, you should have received your registration confirmation email Or visitor code when you registered. Bring along the code to ‘Pre-Registration’ Counter and collect your name badge and complimentary show directory. The registration area is located in main entrance at exhibition hall. The procedure is same for the international attendees. The badge is valid for all show days

I have not registered online; can I register when I arrive?

Yes, simply fill up the ‘visitor registration form’ and submit at Walk In Counter. You are encouraged to attach your business card to the form. You must be older than 18 years to visit the event.

How do I request a Visa Letter of Invitation?

Invitation letters are for each petitioner’s individual use only and are not transferable. The organizers of VMAT will not issue blanket, group or family letters. The organizers of VMAT will also not issue letters for individuals under the age of 18. This letter is for registered international attendees and exhibitors only

The requirements and amount of time needed to obtain an visa will vary from country to country. We recommend that you obtain your visa no later than 3 weeks from the event. Last-minute visa applications run the risk of not being approved in time for the event by the Embassy or Consulate.

My question has not been answered. Who shall I contact for more information?

The event team would be happy to assist you with any queries that you might have. Simply e-mail your queries to Ms. Ha Nguyen at or contact at tel: +84 28 6686 1210

Enterprises Need to Prepare What Items When Joining the Booth

Attending an exhibition, in addition to carefully preparing from the stages of strategy, personnel, and products, businesses should not ignore items such as beautifying and promoting the business's brand. Choosing an exhibition booth designer for your business helps to make a better impression on potential customers when you receive the most professional design advice from the Organizing Committee of OMG Events Management  or if you come to the booth standards of the OMG Organizing Committee you will get

1. Shelves for displaying or placing documents

Product display shelves both help highlight and honor the products of the business and make an impression on customers

Product display shelf POSM

 Product display shelf POSM - VMAT

Brochure shelf – Catalog

OMG Events Management

2. Advertising Standee

Standee usually has 2 sizes 0.6m x 1.6m and 0.8m x 2m. There are two main types of standee, roll standee and x standee. Besides, there are also model standees that have many shapes and sizes and create more attention than the above 2 types of standees.

Standee aluminum coil

standee OMG Events Management

Rolled aluminum standee is made from high-grade synthetic aluminum, takes up little display space, can be displayed in narrow spaces. Products with swivel legs increase the bottom surface area when displayed and stowed when moving, and can be reproduced when deformed (difficult to deform).

Standee model
Standee models are images that resemble a person, a breed or a sketch

OMG Events Management

3. Backdrop

If the booth has a large area or has many faces, the business can hang backrops with product pictures or special beautiful images related to the business

Backdrop is the context for an event. It is a backdrop made of many materials such as canvas, cloth, paper, silk that is hung behind the stage, on which displays images, key information about the event that day.

OMG Events Management

4. Types of hanging hangers
Advertising hanger, also known as advertising hanger, is a product display tool, compact, used to hang to reduce the shelf display area.

OMG Events Management

Branded canvas bag. Durable and environmental protection.

OMG Events Management

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contact with organizer-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Phone: +84 2866861210

Hotline: +84 906 472 029 – Ms Vicky




How many exhibitors are going to be there?

There will be close to 300 exhibitors from countries including Singapore,Thailand, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, UK and USA etc.

What is the charges/fee to attend?

VMAT 2024 is free to attend for all business visitors. While to attend, the concurrent technical conference has to online pre-register or contact to organizer for registration

 What is the program/agenda of the event?

VMAT 2024 is a 3 day exhibitions taking place alongside a technical conference, business matching, live demo, robot performance. You will see live products and solutions at display during the event and can attend these technical conference sessions as per your interest. The detailed conference program is available on website.

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